What a Life Coach Does…and Doesn’t Do


NoFearGearsSo I realize there may be some misconceptions of what a Life coach actually does and I wanted to clear that up a bit, hence this post.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly certain what a Life coach did until I was sitting across from one at a coffee shop…as I spilled all of my dreams and hang ups all over her. After she took it all in and took all her notes, she looked at me and said “You are going to do big things. We just gotta throw some elbows to get the space to make all the things happen. Let’s get to work.”

And that’s basically it. I’m here to point out the best in you that you may not be seeing…and I help you see it. Cause when you see it…everybody needs to hold on to their seats.

It’s work for the both of us. It’s deciding and planning to bring daily habits into your life that you need to make room for despite “everything else you HAVE to do.”

It’s giving up things that might even be good things, but are hindering you at this moment in your life.

And I’m right there with you. I’m here, committing to make a positive impact in your life. I am here to be 100% honest with you, listen intently, keep you on track, and help in anyway possible.

Here are some points for a better grasp of what a Life Coach does.

I am not your therapist but I will suggest one if I see that is something you need in your life. There are some brain things that, although I understand it, I am just not equipped to help fix. My time in therapy was so crucial to who I am now that I actually hope everyone would look into it for at least a season. Sometimes I’ll even suggest a client go to a therapist before I start a Life Coaching journey with them.

I do not advise you to stop or start medication. But I will absolutely suggest you go have a conversation with your doctor if you are questioning what you are or are not taking. I’ve had my seasons of taking things to help bring down anxiety through particular rough patches and I am not opposed to anyone getting the right kind of help. Aside from what your doctor and you agree on, I will also talk to you about essential oils, vitamins, and other healthy stuff that can contribute to your overall well-being.

I won’t be up until 4am talking to you on the phone, but I will answer emails and texts as quickly as I can to support you. I will also check in with you myself at least once a week, on top of our two scheduled conversations a month. I am here for you, but to help you…I also need to take care of me. And I need sleep…probably more than I get. Although I keep in contact with my clients and consider them friends, I encourage healthy independence!

Does this sound like someone you need in your life right now? Are you ready for a deeper, more fulfilling life? Are there things you never thought you could overcome?

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