How You Know You are Ready for a Life Coach


How You Know You Are Ready For ALooking back, there was a very specific time in my life that getting a life coach was the right move for me to make. Years before I made the decision to seek one out, I had been through some time with a therapist and worked through a lot of head things because of some tough circumstances in my life. After, I had reached a point of “well…now what?”. I wanted there to be a way to use all of my good and bad experiences but I felt just…stuck. I didn’t know what to do but I knew I wanted to do something.

I was ready for a change in a big way.

Going through the whole process myself, there are a few things that I look for in women before agreeing to be their Life coach.

Open to change

The first step to being able to change is recognizing there is actually something TO change in your life. This means that there is a priority of ownership that needs to happen inside you.

Willing to be transparent

Not being genuine is such a hinderance for your heart…being honest with me is only going to help you do better through this experience. Transparency needs to be practiced, and learning to do this with me will help you to this with others.

Ready to get serious

This would not be the time to get lazy. There is going to be work. You need to stick to the agreed upon plan we create together for your life. Whether it be eating well, exercising, writing, reading, getting solitude, etc. Also, you always need to be prepared for our next conversation.

Do you live in the mundane? Is it hard for you to live fully in unhindered joy? Are you convinced that this is just how life is and nothing will change?

I take women through a journey to find the depths of themselves and walk them through living life intentionally, overcoming and thriving in being their best self.

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