I’ve Got Some News for You


I've Got SomeForNow for the exciting part.

There have been countless late nights of work and sighs as I built this thing. The getting things together, setting pages up just right and staring at screens until my eyes cross. It has pulled and stretched me to the brink but now I am finally here to show you this place I’ve created.

Out of all that’s on the web out there, I’ve made a safe place here. This is a community where you have the freedom to be your most raw, truest self. For you to be able to lay out all of your beauty and all of your mess and feel embraced. Accepted. Validated.

Here we love people just as they are. We encourage each other. We help.

Your presence is crucial.

It is going to take us, as a team…to break down walls, dig up strengths, and throw out fears.

There is such a strong need for women to just lay down their defenses. That’s easy, and maybe even a little cliche, to say…but I realized there is a need that goes even deeper. Why do we have these defenses? What is in us that is holding us back from living out our most true, authentic selves? This is where we start. It begins with us.

Here is where I step in and I hope you do too.

I’m living out my dream of holistic life coaching. Of taking women by the hand, helping them overcome all they’ve wanted to get past in order to fully thrive in their strengths. I support them in intentionally building confidence, self-motivation, increasing intuition, examining life-goals, creating positive habits, and finding purpose.

Through all that, I’ll also be writing here…encouraging you to thrive where you are and support you through it. I hope to hear from you as we go along.

There will be plenty more to do and there is much more to come.

Let’s learn how to breathe through it all.

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