why-our-goals-fall-flat-2At the beginning of each year, I find my feeds filled with people posting about new promises they are making for the rest of the year.

More exercise, less weight.
More adventure, less TV.
More reading, less scrolling.
More money, less stuff.

These are all wonderful things to strive after, and it is so encouraging when I see people follow through. But more often than not, some months go by (or less) and these goals fall flat.

For years I had resolved to not even put down any resolution. It was too overwhelming. It was too much of a low when I failed. It was just too much. Those who struggle with anxiety or depression, New Year goals can drag us down into a pit that’s pretty difficult to get out of and it can loom over our heads the rest of the year.

What I DID do throughout all of those years is something that, at an early age, I had made a habit. Something that, I believe, should be the number one resolution on everyone’s list.


Go get a journal and a comfy pen. Put them on your nightstand. Before you fall asleep, write for 10 minutes.

Put all your stuff down on that paper. Get it all out. All of the angst and all of the joy. All of the failures and all of the victories.

A few have told me “but I’m not a writer, it doesn’t come as naturally to me, and I actually hate writing”. I’m not saying you have to write a novel or start up a blog. I’m just suggesting a few scribbles a day. I have not met a therapist that has not suggested this.

This is why…

We cannot healthily, wholly achieve our goals if we don’t deal with what is built up inside. If you don’t get that stuff out, everything else will fall short.

Remember, people can seem successful on the outside and still not be a flourishing person beneath the surface.

So, this year, make writing a habit. You will become more in tune to what your body is telling you, what your patterns are, what is healthy for you. Because…what is good for others may not be good for you to run after this year. Let yourself have ‘mental health’ days. Re-evaluate how you treat yourself.

Be sure to download my free ebook “Come up For Air: 14 Days to Unearthing Your Strengths”, if you haven’t already.

It’s my gift to start you out on this writing journey!

Happy New Year.

Take care, you.

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