Are You Selfish?


Are You Selfish-There is a lie that has been swirling around, most likely since the beginning of time…that spending any time on yourself is completely selfish. You have way too much to do, there are too many demands on you everyday, too many people who depend on you. There is no time to even consider what you might be needing for yourself.

What’s worse is that this notion has become a bit idolized “I’m a busy person, I’ve got responsibility and no time, therefore I am important and good enough” or “if I admit to needing time for myself, I am not strong enough”. Because being selfish is bad.


Now, I agree being selfish IS bad. When you feel selfish, or acting selfish, it means something is unbalanced in your life. It means you have got some stuff you need to deal with. Selfish is when your insides have boiled over and you desperately snatch at anything to take the edge off, and often at the expense of the people you love. It’s a bad thing, it’s a bad word, it hurts you and the people around you, there is nothing good about being selfish.

But…self-care? Well that is the complete opposite of selfish. It’s what is absolutely necessary to have a healthy, full life, benefiting you and everyone else. There needs to be intentional, deliberate, daily habits worked into your life to not only keep yourself from imploding, but to lead an abundant life. And it’s really the only way you will be truly effective and successful in your responsibilities and relationships.

Here are a few quick things to start you on the road to self-care.


Take a few minutes in the morning to set personal goals you would like to achieve for the day. End your day with evaluating what went right and what could use some work.

Time for fun

There needs to be time in the day to breathe. Whether it’s a bath, reading a book, chatting with a friend or all of the above. Start out with just half an hour. Every single day.

Tend to your body

Commit to keeping a meal journal for a month to get a handle on your health, and give at least 15 minutes a day to being active.

These few self-care habits, done everyday, will save you from acting out in selfishness. Practice these and you will be on the road to thriving in all areas if your life.

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