Hi, I’m Jessica

Through my entire life

I have dealt with depression, anxiety and insecurity. Growing up I kept to myself, always had my nose in a book, hoping I would just blend into the background. There have been incredible tragedies and difficult things that have happened to me and the ones I love. I was walking wounded and I had decidedly settled. I just knew this was how my life was always going to be.

Until someone stepped in for me.

Now, these things don’t rule over me. I sought out help, faced my past, owned up to my weaknesses, and learned tools to keep at it every day. I’ve gone through fire and now know I can choose to have good come out of even the messiest of situations. I can choose to live out my strengths. Everything in me wants for you to know this too, no matter your journey. You can decide. You get to choose.

Invest in you. You are more than worth it.

Jessica Speas lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two children. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Counseling. Her everyday pursuits are to soak up every moment to it’s fullest, drink lots of coffee, and holistically coach women through overcoming.

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